Application Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in The Jubitz Family Foundation. Please read these application guidelines carefully and return to this page often, as requirements can change from year to year.

Announcing New Grant Guidelines

The Jubitz Family Foundation is pleased to announce its new grant guidelines. We remain committed to supporting innovative projects that protect the environment, support children, and promote peace. Our funding priorities are more focused than in the past. Please review the new program descriptions for children, peace, and the environment to determine whether your proposal fits within the guidelines.

Items to Remember:

Review our new guidelines carefully prior to submitting a proposal. For example, the Children and Peace programs are now by invitation only.

Spring Docket March 15 Proposal Due Trustee Decision End of June

Fall Docket September 15 Proposal Due Trustee Decision Middle of December

Online Application Portal


Oregon (except Peace, see below)

Grant Range


Overall Giving Per Year

Approximately $550,000


To support and expand early childhood opportunities so that all our children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn and achieve success throughout their lives. Click here to for more information about the Children Program.


To protect and restore natural forest and freshwater habitats throughout Oregon for this and future generations. Click here to for more information about the Environment Program.


Supporting peace building activities in all sectors of society, with an emphasis on providing viable alternatives to war and violence. Click here to for more information about the Peace Program.

Additional Guidance

  • We do not fund sports, nutrition, or health programs.

  • A video, web or public relations request should be associated with a tangible and direct benefit to the issue you are trying to resolve.

  • Requests must include clear benchmarks and quantifiable outcomes.

  • All requests are for one year only and typically fall within the grant range of $2,500 - $10,000.

  • All proposals must fit within the grant guidelines.