The Jubitz Family Foundation (JFF) supports initiatives driving kindergarten readiness, which is a comprehensive measure of a child’s social, emotional and intellectual development and readiness to learn. It is a critical benchmark on the path to success for all children. The most critical programs for infants and toddlers support low-income families during the first three years of life. These programs build a strong foundation for learning and prepare more children for kindergarten. Our strategic investments will engage families directly and create early learning partnerships between families and schools.
The JFF Children’s Program is by invitation only.

We describe below the types of partnerships that we will pursue:

Statewide Support: CASAs, Relief Nurseries, and The Next Door

We are excited to work with these organizations in their statewide efforts to support children and families severely impacted by trauma, child abuse, and poverty. Our funding efforts will help to optimize the child’s holistic development and strengthen families.

Pictured: a small boy flying a yellow kite in a field. Photo by Paloma Ayala.

Collaborative Grants with Social Venture Partners: Community Based Organizations and Non-Profits aimed at Kindergarten Readiness

Social Venture Partners is a community of professionals engaged in venture philanthropy to ensure that all children in the Portland metro area enter kindergarten with a strong foundation for learning and life success. Through a strategic partnership, JFF will align its giving to support high-quality evidence based programs that help parents and families foster a child’s optimal development.

Statewide Advocacy and Transformation: Strengthening Best Practices in the field of early childhood development.

JFF hopes to strengthen public systems of early care and education at the state and local level to ensure increased investment of public funding in quality learning programs. We are focused on supporting developmental research that targets policies to integrate early learning, health and family engagement during the critical years from birth to 8.

Pictured: a small boy flying a yellow kite in a field. Photo by Paloma Ayala.